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For the past month the city has been preparing for the total solar eclipse. Throngs of people are heading to the coast for the event, with the total eclipse occurring mid-afternoon. It is an almost perfectly clear day with just a few puffy clouds. The light is already dimming, with maximum in another hour. [more...]

Back in 2013 at the Swarm Lab, the brain surface implant was being developed. In its early stages it was to be used by paralyzed patients to control various devices simply by thinking about them. Like many new technologies, people found other uses for them. [more...]

Qamar, a young Egyptian student is at the Library of Alexandria doing research for a paper on immortality through the ages. A 100 year-old Rolling Stone article suddenly appears in his display, coincidently titled "Immortality Through the Ages (And Aging Gracefully)". The article was the subject of a talk given in the United States in 2150 at the Gilberto Foundation in Las Vegas on boundaries, thresholds and rites of passage in immortality, by transhumanist celebrities Ramona A. Stone and Ai Grace (Neone), who were immortals but died before they were 200. [more...]

G# is evil!
When Peter arrived for his first piano lesson, he noticed that one of the black keys was painted red. This intrigued him and made the keyboard less intimidating. [more...]